Deck Paleozoic Frog (Duels And DeckList)

Paleozoic frog (deck list)
Main deck: monster (9) spell (3) tramps (28)
swap frog x3
dupe frog x3
ronintoadin x2
max”c” x1

pot of desires x3

paleozoic leanchoiliax3
paleozoic pikaia x3
paleozoic olenoides x3
paleozoic dinomischus x3
paleozoic marrella x3
paleozoic canadia x3
reckless greed x3
mirror force x2
waboku x2
the phantom knights of lost vambrace x1
solem warning x1
imperial order x1

Extra deck:
mastar boy x3
decode talker x1
proxy dragon x1
toadally awesome x3
paleozoic anomalocaris x2
paleozoic opabinia x2
cat shark x1
sky cavalry centaurea x1
the phantom knights of cursed javelin x1

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Desembra – Hit ‘Em:
Different Heaven – Far Away
Jensation – Delicious:

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